Team Member at Central Washington University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Redlands , CA

Major: Professional and Creative Writing

Concentration: Creative Writing

Minor: Global Wine Studies

My favorite part of being an ambassador is...

My favorite thing about my job are the interactions I get to have with possible and future students. I absolutely love my school and I want the first people that perspective students meet to be those who will get them excited about Central and going to college.

My favorite thing about Ellensburg is...

I love the small town feel! Everywhere is within walking distance of campus and I am always seeing people I know around town, as well as on campus.

My favorite class/professor...

My favorite professors are Maya Zeller and Dr. Zach VandeZande. I couldn't choose between them so I put both. Maya is an extremely understanding and motivating person. Her poetry class was very inclusive and interactive, which allowed us as students to get very close. Dr.VandeZande is a wonderful professor who pushes his students to the best of their abilities. His writing and editing class has been one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken.

I chose Central because...

I have always wanted to live in Washington and Central has an amazing English program!

I'm passionate about...

Those days when being human is hard Defending Jane when people steal her candy Putting stickers where they don't belong Rewatching The Office right after I finish the whole series petting dogs Tea Coffee Laughing in general Laughing at Jared in general Reading all of Jared's ridiculous passions Netflix Photography Traveling Writing

I'm involved with...

Study Abroad Happiness Club Inklings Creative Writing Club
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