Tour Guide at Central Washington University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Ellensburg, WA

Major: Communications

Minor: ??? film, religious studies ???

My Schedule:

Tuesdays: 2 p.m.
Friday: 2 p.m.

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My favorite thing about Ellensburg is...

100% the wind, cause it's like free ac!

My favorite part of being an ambassador is...

probably the fact that I'm a lot like tow mater (from cars), I'm an expert at walking backwards

My favorite class/professor...

was probably Yoda, because he taught that no matter how small I may be I can do great things

Favorite Quote?

"Do or do not, there is no try." -Yoda or "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take -Wayne Getzky" -Michael Scott

I'm passionate about...

hotwheels! beat that! nerf wheel chairs it's not christmas saying curse you instead of bless you forgetting little things my moms cookies being a meme soul rather than an old soul hand sanitizers dank memes my little brothers meme account hulk: "dab!" apex was okay iphones are superior stupid words snowcones are bomb hawian red bulls appricating vine bashing tik tok Agrueing that Avengers endgame wasn't a satisfying conclusion to the overall series because it didn't conclude with Thor joining weight watchers loosing my name tag for work having a hoodie obession zombies doing nothing productive panda express goodwill is pretty lit agressively mooing sarcasm rip tony cap is worthy AVENEGERS END GAME SPOILERS my high school mascot the red devils appearing in the background on tv telling 5 minute stories in 30 minutes playing dead jon bellion ajr bobcats jelly beans rubber band wars smiley faces boifastmemes barto carmody i totally didn't try and cover the presidents door with snow to get us a snow day getting dinner with wellington annoying kyersten montana quarterpast 12 being a memdelord day dreaming about what life would be like if money actually grew on trees the fact my buddy Garen's spirit animal is a sea cucumber is pretty cool neon lights abandoned places scary stories my little brothers cringy video on youtube mario bros call of duty having my backpack with me 24/7 giving people a bad time Duck game are twins just alternate dimension versions of the same person trapped within the same universe? being a TERRIBLE speller conspriacy theories church planting wolves foxes awesomeness stickers cheap stuff goodwill free stuff believing that waffles are better than pancakes french toast cookies batman Rick and Morty being a night owl spicy uno red bull bashing the justice league movie snow days fortnite taming dragons making quadrulpe stuffed oreos and eating it like corn on the cob comeptatve table crawling thinking that iphone chargers should be offically renamed apple juice looking answers to lifes biggest questions daily underwater basket weaving sessions with my friends chicken nuggtes playing the ukulele fun jokes and laughter being a rad tour dude claiming to be the height of a hobbit eating more cookies than santa professional cookie eating climbing waterfalls the pond meeting peeps i gave a tour too grilled cheese sandwiches doing laundry instagram takeovers wildkitties being broke... it's pretty fun pots of gold traveling to the end of the rainbow only to find that there is no leprachun not wining dance contest sucking at just dance melting plates from dollar tree on accident only eating the right twix! BELIEVE me there is a difference infinty war was a pretty sweet movie that ending though popcorn! jellybeans rewatching the office after you just finished watching the entire seires UPDATE: my boss has the tv he moved it but the waldo character may have been thrown away the fact that there is a random waldo caharcter hiding on a tv somewhere on campus that i drew! olivia you are now in three of these actually dreaming of candy using the wrong mouse when attempting to publish my list of passions for y'all being dumb highly competitive Olympic under water basket weave championship in the alantic being sarcastic professional cheese rolling attempting to make 20 rows of ridiculous passions being weird... but thats probably obvious having Alexa as my mom away from home Kyle's goofy dances that singer Pharel and the fact he wears a hat the size of me all the time I got into death note guys! the show youtube is mildly assuming knowing random Star Wars facts that will never get me anywhere in life yet but are pretty cool in Olivia's oh so kind words being Benjamin button my incredibly majestic hair curls house tiger stealing candy from jane ultimate frisbee with Kyle star stickers having Zane tell me new passions of mine thinking about cheese kayaks my sibling rivalry with olivia 7/11 is pretty cool went so much that the entire staff knows me now Swedish fish teasing Olivia my awkward appearance in the testimonials video if I was a space traveler id be pretty darn passionate about my space adventures walking down stairs backwards disney villain green pointless narration soft pretzels are pretty awesome Donuts drawing smiley faces in incredibly random places drawing cartoons totally radtastic dorky dances chairs with wheels dancing terribly Zane's ambassadors show cool name badges finding Waldo in the office the color green not actually being the height of a hobit pretending like people will read this entire list super speed not too much snow though Snow late night walks long boarding being a loud human loud music not owning the jacket in my profile picture funny socks see through doors open windows wildcats emoji making people wonder why they even bothered reading this far into my fake passions seriously is anyone ever gonna read this? Family Friends quigley challenges not doing puzzles wheres waldo post it notes drake and josh pac man halo deep conversations the black fox kade legacy free time funny pictures making super long list that no one will ever read waterfalls Swimming Playing Pool eating pretzels being awesome Resonate being allergic deodorant being allergic to eggs burger king mcdonalds chicken tenders competitive hot dog eating fake passions jared the tourguide Jake from statefarm saving money on car insurance sunglass even though I don't wear them hop scotch skittles candy minute to win it tomb raider Mario Kart the word lit the word dope professional pig racing competitiveness old people shuffle board Knitting passions Harry Potter movies even though I have only seen one being a jolly human bean apprication minecraft holmes mycwu slack snaps being the greeter being organized Studying root beer fanta making my profile a meme being visually challenged fun socks wearing glasses not working out like I should redbull Tea water hating chocolate Hiking not being homeless making meme rice crispy treats deadpool the flash googly eyes Horror Movies lucky charms chicken nuggets kfc Fried Chicken Coloring Creativity Creative writing Cartoons dc comics Marvel Watching Youtube Videos Film Communication Snapchat being the height of a hobbit being a dork sci fi more sleep Sleeping Listening to Music Eating Food breathing Jokes Memes my dogs CWU CWU Visitation Program God Giving Tours Superheroes The Office Talking Super Smash Brothers Star Wars Movies Netflix Comics Drawing Writing

I'm involved with...

inner national club Astronomy Club Resonate Church rock climb billiards
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