Alumnus at Central Washington University

Class of 2018

Current: Bremerton, WA

Hometown: Bremerton, WA

Major: Music

Concentration: French Horn

Minor: Psychology

My Schedule:

Monday: 10am

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What is the best part about your job in Visitation?

The people I work with are amazing and fun! I also get to meet so many new people through my job! I have had new students come to Central and recognize me from being a tour guide and it is great! I have made friends both with my coworkers and with the wonderful people I get to give tours to!

I chose Central because...

It feels like a home. I always feel like I am part of a close-knit community and a large family here. The campus is large enough so I don't know everyone personally, but small enough to where I recognize a lot of people I am not personally connected to. I have a sense of belonging and that I am an important part of the community here.

My favorite part of being an ambassador is...

I get to interact with incoming students. I love being able to help others know all of the things I love about Central and to help them find out if Central is a good fit for them. Central is a great place with a lot of great qualities and I am always so excited to share those and my experiences with so many people. I also remember being in their shoes and how daunting it can be. I want to help ease that transition and answer as many questions as I possibly can to make their experience that much more enjoyable and fun.

My favorite thing about Ellensburg is...

how beautiful it is and its history. Ellensburg is such a beautiful town with the kindest people! It gets all 4 seasons and each one is absolutely gorgeous! From the myriad of colors in the fall, to the winter wonderland, the spring flowers, and the bright sunny hills. This paired with the historical downtown buildings create for a stunning view day in and day out.

I'm passionate about...

All food Except Pineapple Christmas Thanksgiving Being awkward Hulu Netflix Board Games Scifi/Fantasy Bright Colors Coffee Arts & Crafts My Cat Corny Jokes Disney Music Cooking

I'm involved with...

NAFME Marching Band Horn Club
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