Team Member at Central Washington University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Mattawa, WA

Major: Spanish

Minor: Org. Communication

My favorite class/professor...

was Interviewing Principles and Techniques (COMM 375). This class has helped me get a better idea on what is coming when I start applying for jobs.

My favorite thing about Ellensburg is...

the size of the city - it's not big and it's not too small. Also, the taco stands on Main St. are amazing! Everything here in town is within walking distance. The feeling here makes me feel as if I was home.

I chose Central because...

it's not far away from home. Central also feels a lot like home and the people here are friendly. The size of the campus is perfect! Every class is within walking distances; perfect to make it on time.

My favorite part of being an ambassador is...

showing future students and parents all the great things CWU has to offer. Also, sharing my personal experiences from CWU with them. But my all time favorite part is telling jokes during my tours.

I'm passionate about...

Carne Asada Pizza Cool name tags Volunterring Football Comedy Rooting for my favorite team Speaking Spanish Coaching Jokes Eating Helping Others Working Out Tacos Running Tamales Food Camping Hiking Video Games Music Basketball Playing Soccer

I'm involved with...

LatinX Spanish Club Translation Club M.E.Ch.A
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