Tour Guide at Central Washington University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Lyle, WA

Major: Elementary Education

Minor: Coaching & Spanish

My favorite thing about Ellensburg is...

how many adventures this town and the surrounding area have to offer. Adventures can include hiking, camping or even midnight bowling in Yakima. Central Washington University is truly in the center of Washington.

My favorite class/professor...

has to be the physics of music. This class was one of the first classes that I took at CWU and I absolutely loved it. I am not very good at physics and never have played an instrument. With that being said, I have no idea why I took that class, but I am sure glad I did. The professor teaching the class worked with me one-on-one, which made the class simple. We also got hands-on experience while using equipment such as the anechoic chamber (a.k.a. the soundless room).

My favorite part of being an ambassador is...

being able to represent the University and share my story with future students and alumni. I love being able to show Wildcat pride while sharing my stories.

I chose Central because...

of the sense of community that you get when you step foot on campus. Also, coming from a small high school, the class sizes and the one-on-one time you get with your professors is amazing.

I'm passionate about...

Howie Mandle Intramural Volleyball breathing Jesus Laughing Living my life as if its a musical Pasta Coffee Serving as a mentor/helping others Drawing Leadership Puns Volleyball

I'm involved with...

SALT (college ministry) Intramurals Orientation Leader
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