Tour Guide at Central Washington University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Secondary Education

Minor: Coaching

My favorite thing about Ellensburg is...

the heat! I love hot weather, so when the summer comes around here in the 'Burg, you can find me playing sports, hiking, fishing, or biking. I also love how close campus is to multiple pizza options.

My favorite part of being an ambassador is...

the fact that no two tours are the same and it's really nice. I like new challenges, so it's a great job for that. I also love when people laugh at my jokes (genuinely or otherwise).

My favorite class/professor...

History 143 - Dr. Morgan. I love history and the way this class is structured- it's very easy to understand. Dr. Morgan offered plenty of different learning styles and opportunities to connect history to the modern world. Ballroom 101- Once a week (Mondays 7-9 pm); I got to go to the ballroom and learn how to Waltz,Foxtrot, and Swing dance. Great way to kick off a new week.

I chose Central because...

it's close enough to Seattle that I can go home on a weekend and far enough away from home that my parents aren't constantly coming to visit. Central also has a very good Education Department and that is what I am choosing to study.

I'm passionate about...

fishing Documentaries Memes Dogs Hamilton Musicals Listening to Music Hard Tacos Soft Tacos Soccer Referee Naps Socks I Love Watches Netflix Camp Counseloring Guitar Drumline Football Soccer Basketball

I'm involved with...

Improv Basketball Happiness Intermurals
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